What our customers have to say...

"I have tried the competition and you win HANDS DOWN! Quality is fab and taste is out of this world! Thanks for making my life easier." :)   Alexia H.

"I was very skeptical when I saw Switchin Kitchens. Dream Dinners and Supper Suppers didn’t quite live up to my dreams or my family’s expectations.  I have cooked, in the past, for families as a business and do cook nightly for my family from scratch.  My family is VERY picky as to what they eat.  They prefer eating fresh meals- no short cuts.  I hooked up with Switchin Kitchens through a fundraiser, participated out of obligation and didn't expect much.  WOW, was I surprised. I added the meals into our weekly menu, one here, one there.  My family didn’t realize they were raving and singing my praises on how good a meal it was and it was always the meals I cooked from Switchin Kitchens.  I was a little jealous that they like those meals so much. But realized the jewel I had found.  I can finally take a short cut my family will like.  Since my initial visit, I have gone and just “raided” the freezer.  This was perfect for my needs at the time.  I am completely happy with what Switchin Kitchens has to offer me. Sometime my life is too busy and crazy to prepare a good meal for my family, but eating as a family and having options other then take out or grocery store prepared meals is incredibly important to us.  Switchin Kitchens has provided that option to me and I know that my family will be happy with what is being served."  Kerrie N.

"Our family had the tomato cream linguine w/shrimp tonite for dinner – it was truly amazing – like restaurant food!!  The other night we had the Fiesta chowder which was also amazing.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  I will continue to try to convince all of my lame friends but in the meantime, please know that we are so enjoying our dinners.  I have also decided to purchase the Thanksgiving dinner – what a treat!!"  Cyndi R.

"I just wanted you to know that I was invited to a D___ D____ party and went just to see what they were all about. Although the pre-made meal and time saving concepts are similar - that stops when it comes to the fresh ingredients Switchin' Kitchen offers. - Their meat was frozen and the basil and other spices in commercial jars. The quality you offer is by far a step above and you have my loyalty!"  Darlene F.

"Tina and I just wanted to say what a great idea! We made the evening a date night for the two of us and made 13 wonderful meals for the family. It has been so nice not having to think about "what are we having for dinner tonight?" It has saved us time at the store and hours each week preparing. We have already signed up for the next month! Thanks!"   Ryan & Tina B.

"My family loves LOVES the food I prepared with your expert assistance, planning and menus.  Everything has been excellent.  A million thanks!"  Kim C.

"We are hooked on the Toot Toot Peanut Butter Pie. It is AMAZING! I always order peanut butter pie when I see it on a menu. When I got one of these last month, I was excited to try it. IT WAS SO GOOD. I ordered 2 this time :) We love it."   Lauren P.

"I just wanted to let you know that our Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful!! We had the in-laws over and they are very picky....but they absolutely loved every single dish! Turkey was perfect, the corn casserole, beans, potatoes, everything was much better than I could have ever made it.     Our feast was so flavorful and man....was it ever easy! Thank you so much for making this my BEST Thanksgiving ever. I look forward to the Christmas menu. I hope you'll be around for years to come...I never want to cook again.  Maryanne S.

"Wow!!!!! I have not put anything much more delicious in my mouth than the chicken breast with prunes and olives!!!!  I served it with wild rice and squash and zucchini with parm cheese as recommended. I'm eating the leftovers for lunch today! Just wanted to say, YES! I LOVE Switchin Kitchens!"    Cissy C.

"Just want to let you know that I bought your Chicken Marbella last week (a bit unwillingly, i'll admit..... I wasn't sure my family would like the unusual pairing of ingredients) and we all absolutely LOVED it! Just wanted to let you know that it really IS a good combo and hope you have it on the menu again soon!"    Karen B.

"I was in last week with Teresa S. and made 6 entrees. So far my kids have liked everything! (which is amazing in and of itself! - they can never all agree to like something) There was not enough meatloaf for everyone one evening, because they actually all loved it! Thank you!"  Lisa B.

"I wanted to say thanks...My favorite dishes are the breakfast casseroles…especially the French toast options!  We had a lot family here for my son’s high school graduation and I had the Dutch apple strata.  Of course it was a big hit!  But a dear family friend loved it so much she went home and placed an order to pick up.  When she had a problem online she called your store.  I’m not sure who she spoke with, but they were able to accommodate her schedule to pick up on a Tuesday since she was driving from Florence.  I do know they’ve cooked the grilled chicken and loved it!   Thank you for the continued first class customer service!  I’m sure she will make the trip again!  Are you franchised or is this your baby?  She wanted a place like this in Florence… "  Sara S.

"My husband and I had our first entree, the tilapia w/lemon sauce, and it was outstanding. Can't wait to use the other entrees in our freezer. It was a gift certificate from our daughter, Kim W., who lives in your neighborhood. I am looking forward to seeing your May menu."  Jeanine B.

"Thanks you for the great food.  Your recipes are amazing.  We loved the beef flank from last month.  My 4 year old loved it too which is a huge compliment coming from her select palate.  We relocated from California 18 months ago and have no family close.  We could not have survived these last weeks without your wonderful meals; take-out would be very old by now!"     Nicole & Jeff W.

"Thank you for offering free assembly. It is SO helpful & so much appreciated!!! I signed up this month because you had this great promotion."  Karen M. 

"The pepper steak in the crock pot was genius. It was so flavorful and tender, not chewy, like when I make it!! Good one to repeat!   Thanks!   Lisa D.

"I am so glad to see that you have added nutritional information to your menus. I love Switchin Kitchens and now I feel really good about the entree choices I make for my family--because I know what's in there. Thanks so much and I look forward to doing a lot more business with you."   Hope P.

"I tried you out last month. Your food was awesome. My kids and husband loved it! I took some to the beach with us and I was able to prepare a few great dinners for 8 without too much fuss!! THANK YOU!"     Alex G.