• Placing Your Order
    • You'll need the following to place your order quickly & easily: your calendar, your credit card (we accept debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), any promotion code and your email address.
    • Schedule using our drop down calendar box when you want to pick up your entrees. Click here to schedule a session
    • Make Your Menu Selection
      • Choose a minimum of 3 FULL size entrees, 6 HALF size entrees or a combination of the two from our menu.
      • If a particular dish looks especially yummy, feel free to order more than one.
      • Our FULL entrees are designed to serve 4-6 adults. Our HALF entrees are designed to serve 2-3 adults. Some meals include a starch, some are one dish meals, others focus on the main entree of your meal and sides are encouraged to round out your dinner. Click here to view our menu.