The Story Behind Switchin' Kitchens

Owner & originator of

Switchin' Kitchens, Rachel Basile

tells her story...


Growing up in a rural area outside of Buffalo, NY, my two favorite things were cooking & sewing.   I came from a "foodie family" but I chose to take my career path towards sewing.  I got my BS in apparel & textiles at Buffalo State College & then got an AS at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  I graduated in 1986. 

I had an enjoyable twenty year run in the textile industry.  I married my husband Nick in 1990 and we relocated to Charlotte, NC in 1997 with my then employer Springs Industries.  I had my first child, Cody, in November 1998.  My mother died from cancer in June, 2001.  My second, Kyle, was born six months later.  Then my father died from a heart attack in February 2002.  By then, I was not so in love with textiles anymore or anything else, for that matter. 

I stayed with Springs for another few years but I was very unhappy.  I knew I needed a change but I "didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up".  I was afraid to quit without a new plan in place and I couldn't get passed being heartbroken over the loss of my parents.  I decided to look to God for help.  I had abandoned going to church once life got too, kids and well, life.    We found a wonderful church and one of the recommended books was The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  I read it and determined what my "purpose" was.  I knew it would have something to do with food, I wanted to make people happy and I wanted to empower people to do something that they didn't think they could do.  With that, I waited...and waited...and waited.  A whole year went by as I waited. 

I took my then 3 year old to a party & learned about Dream Dinners.  I had never heard of it and frankly, had no need for it.  My husband and I were meal planners...we planned the menu & shopped on Saturday and prepared on Sunday and were set for the week.  I thought that's how everyone did it...then I learned that most people were panicking at 5 pm and rushing to the store to figure out what to have or they were just getting take out.

 Two weeks after learning about DD, I was at a party (same place, different parents) and some parents were involved in a very electrified conversation.  One mom asked me if I'd "done it" before. She was talking about Dream Dinners.  While watching these folks gush over how wonderful it was to be at the table, enjoying dinner & not having to stress over it, the light bulb went on.  I had found my purpose.

I looked into franchises & for whatever reason, I couldn't make it happen.  That's when Switchin' Kitchens was born.  I quit my job in December 2005 & opened SK on 9/14/2006.  I love seeing people smile after they've made their first meal.  I love hearing about happy husbands and I LOVE hearing kids give us a "thumbs up"!  I hope you'll give me the opportunity to help make a difference in your family too!